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Everything You Need to Know to train your dog to be well behaved and reliable!

  • Learn the basics of positive dog training 
  • Tap into dog learning psychology 
  • Learn to teach new skills and eliminate bad habits
  • Master problem behaviors for good
  • Build a stronger relationship with your dog

Proven System

By becoming a Matador University member you gain access to the most effective training library of content designed to help you end problem behaviors, strengthen your relationship with your dog, and expand your knowledge of dog training psychology. 

Real World Applications

Matador University helps members and their dogs develop real world skills and techniques that have a direct impact on training effectively without using punishment.

Positive Reinforcement 

Matador University is the most effective collection of positive training methods and techniques from working, service, and competition dogs' practices.

Simple Training Plan

The goal of this program is to provide you with the content, coaching, and courses to strengthen your relationship, end problem behaviors, and improve quality of life. 

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Stop Stealing Food and Random Things Off The Ground

You never know what your dog is going to sneak from you. Whether it is in the house or on your walk your dog is a master of getting what they want. Instead of keeping them in a bubble, with this course, you will learn...

  • How to teach your dog impulse control and restraint when tempted with treats
  • Techniques to strengthen your dog's engagement with you over other distractions
  • Alternatives to yelling at your dog to get off of the counter that lasts a lifetime

After helping dog owners teach this skill only after spending thousands on veterinarian bills, I urge you to teach this skill immediately. This course is going to give you everything you need to be successful with your dog for the rest of their lives.

Regain Control of the Walk for Good

Be so confident that even if the leash breaks, your dog will stick by you. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to stop getting pulled down the block
  • Build engagement that goes beyond the walk
  • Work toward having an off-leash dog

Get rid of prongs and e-collars and start enjoying your walks again without the arm workout and stress

Have Full Control In Any Environment

Having immediate control when you need it is important regardless of where you are with your dog. Having the ability to stop them and place them in one spot while you do whatever you need to is so important. You will learn...

  • How to direct your dog and keep them in one spot effortlessly 
  • to build the difficulty of the exercise in a way that keeps your dog successful and enjoying training
  • what to do when your dog doesn't listen and how to get them back immediately

After learning and implementing this skill you will wonder how you ever lived without doing this before!

Give Your Dog Their Own Private Space

Like many dog owners, I hated the idea of having to crate my dog all of the time. By using positive reinforcement I learned how to get my dogs to love their crates more than their bed! Crate training gives you...

  • Peace of mind when you leave the house
  • A safe space for your dog if they get anxious or need to be out of the way
  • A great tool to use in all types of situations...moving, car rides, veterinarian appointments

Whether you choose to crate your dog or not, this course will teach you how to quickly and effectively teach your dog to love their crate for when you need it the most. 

Never Get Ignored Again

Name Recognition is one of the fundamental skills that can make all the difference in your dogs' safety and obedience.....literally. In this course you will learn:

  • Regain your dog's attention if they get away from you
  • How to get your dog loving when you call them
  • Interrupt your dog's bad behaviors by getting their attention and redirecting

If your dog ignores you all the time there is a reason...Its because you haven't taken this course yet

Time to Relax...for real

I use this skill every single day and it is often one of the first things I teach new dogs. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to teach your dog to relax on cue
  • How to automate the process so that when you sit down they relax immediately 
  • How to generalize this to any environment you go

Having a relaxed dog that doesn't get in the way of your home work, chores, or relaxation doesn't have to be a dream. It can be a reality with the skills you learn in this course. 

Start Training with The Basics

Starting off with the fundamentals is the best way to practice your new skills, warm up your dog's brain to learn, and get you excited about your new journey in training. In this module, you will learn...

  • How to teach your dog to reliable sit  immediately when asked
  • Techniques to strengthen your dog's focus and attention span
  • How to eliminate treats and corrections from the learning process

After working with thousands of dog owners, I realized that the "sit" behavior is the most utilized skill your dog will learn. It is important to teach them correctly so you don't have to say "sit, sit, sit, SIT!!" and can instead just say it once.

The Every Day, Everywhere Behavior - The Down

Many dog owners stop training at the "sit", however, the down is just as important and effective at controlling your dog when you need it. By using positive reinforcement you will learn...

  • How to position your dog in the "down position" effortlessly
  • How to have control of your dog in overstimulating and exciting places
  • the best way to strengthen this behavior whether you have treats or not 

Whether you were planning to teach your dog the "down" or not, this course will teach you how to quickly and effectively add this vital skill to your dog's repertoire and give you just another way of having peace of mind over your dog

The Relaxed Pup Dream

Do you want a relaxed dog that won't interfere with your homework, chores, or relaxation? This course is for you! Here, you'll learn: 

  • How to teach your dog to go to their bed on cue  
  • How to automate the process so that when you sit down, they relax immediately 
  • How to generalize this to any environment you go. 

Take the time to relax...for real! Sign up for this course today and start making your dream of having a relaxed pup a reality.