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Avoid common problems by teaching how to have a well behaved dog to being with!


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How to start training your dog?

With all the information available to you with the click of a button, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know how to start training your dog let alone get the results that you are looking for!

Let Me Show You How It Our Training Starts…

Like or Love?

Before you start teaching your dog anything you need to know what to reward them with. This is often overlooked and could waste months of training time. 

With this simple fix I have taken owners that have struggled to get any results, solve most of their problems in minutes!

Setting the Stage

Old habits die hard! Letting our dog do behaviors that we are not happy with is the fastest way to get frustrated and give up on training. 

The simple fix is to learn how to set the stage correctly and give our dog the best possible opportunity to succeed and excel in training to learn how to live in our complex way of life. 


There is only one more step before full blown training and that is to take action on teaching your dog the language of training. 

Regardless of what method you use, it is important to first explain the training rules of the game. For our training we use a clicker for 90% of our training. The first step is to introduce that clicker and explain what it does and how they can get rewards from it. 

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What Real Customers Say About Matador Canine

Working with Michael Accetta/Matador Canine over zoom has been fantastic! He really took the time to get to know us and our specific goals. He is clearly very passionate and excited about dog training, not only did I learn alot, but it was also so much fun!

We tried some of the things he told us to do the same night and my new rescue dog learned it right away. 

Elyse Latreille, Private Coaching Client

Learn about everything you get in our private coaching!!

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Our Program Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed!

Plus Skills to Prepare for the Next Great Adventure!
Professional Training

Get guided through training to cut down on mistakes and confusion

Start Off Right

Avoid common problems by teaching how to have a well behaved dog to being with.

End Problem Behaviors

Eliminate the stress and chaos without sacrificing your relationship

Grow Your Bond

Do more with your dog and be ready to go on the next great adventure

Customized Plan

Tailor training to fit your personal needs and goals

24/7 Support

Never feel overwhelmed or lost in training again. 

Session Recordings

Refer back to your lessons to clarify and improve every day

Access to Online Courses

Real time training and advice. Anywhere, anytime!

Eliminate Confusion

Save time in training by avoiding wasteful techniques and strategies

Take Back Control

Everyone deserves freedom with their dog and its a team effort

Build Your Confidence

Know what to do and when to fix any problem you have

Learn to Train Anything

Learn my process to teach any dog - anything the first time!


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