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How to get your dog behaving in no time!

A dog that doesn't listen is a dog that doesn't listen. What? If your dog practices doing bad things or not listening they are going to continue to do it. It is your job to stop them and teach them what you do want them to do instead.

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Can or Cannot Control... That is the Question

There are only five categories as to why our dogs do what they do. You can only change two out of those five. 

I have seen people spend years trying to stop their dog when the methods they were using would NEVER WORK!! They needed to target what they can control and focus on that. Identifying what you can and cannot control is step one.

What DO you want them to do?

It is much easier to teach a dog what you DO want them to do than it is to teach them what you DONT want them to do. 

What would you rather have your dog do in the situation you want to fix. Jumping up on guests turns into sitting politely infront of guests.

Maintaining Good Behavior

Stopping your dog form doing the thing you don't want them to do is only half the battle. The next step is rewarding them correctly and keeping them successful to maintain that good behavior you have spent so much time teaching. If you can do that you will never have to "re-fix" the behavior. If you skip this step the "bad behavior alarm clock" will continue to go off and require a new solution every time. It becomes harder and harder to fix over time. 

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“Michael showed us how to train her through constant positive reinforcement and commands. We don't know what we would have done without him. His level of expertise and experience with all breeds is what made us choose him as our trainer. I recommend him to everyone regardless of the size or age of your pup.”

Angela Cioci, Private Coaching Client

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Eliminate the stress and chaos without sacrificing your relationship

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Save time in training by avoiding wasteful techniques and strategies

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