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Get guided through training to cut down on mistakes and confusion


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Why Do I Need a Professional Trainer?

Let’s face it, if you want something done right, you do it yourself. However, what if you don't know what to do? You could spend hours and hours researching and learning or you can get a trusted sources to help you along the way. That is my job!! I've done all that research, trial and testing for you and are only going to give you what works!

Let Me Show You How It Works…

Michael's Qualifications

Michael J. Accetta, your personal coach and instructor for all courses in Matador University, has spent the past 10 years training dogs. With a BT Animal Science degree with a concentration in Canine Management and Techniques and experience of training 12,000 dogs Michael has learned how to transform and teach owners and their dogs in the fastest way possible.

Training Both Ends of the Leash 

Everyone deserves freedom with their dog and many people fall short because they don't look at the whole picture…dog training is a team effort. Michael created a coaching system around looking at both ends of the leash and focusing on what each side needs in order to succeed and grow their own skills regardless of their obstacles or limitations.

Real Life Experience

As a father of two dogs, one son, and a cat, Michael knows what it takes to juggle everything on your plate and STILL succeed in training. As a “crossover” trainer and a decade of education, Michael is full of skills, tips and tricks, advice and cautionary tales for any walk of life. Everything you could ever need in a trainer is only a phone call away with Michael as your coach.

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What Real Customers Say About Matador Canine

"Working with Michael Accetta/Matador Canine over zoom has been fantastic! He really took the time to get to know us and our specific goals. He is clearly very passionate and excited about dog training, not only did I learn alot, but it was also so much fun!

We tried some of the things he told us to do the same night and my new rescue dog learned it right away. He also keeps our long term goals in mind (ex. dog sports) and gave us great tips to work in now to make it easier for us in the future."

Elyse Latreille, Happy coaching client

Learn about everything you get in our private coaching!!

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Our Program Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed!

Plus Skills to Prepare for the Next Great Adventure!
Professional Training

Get guided through training to cut down on mistakes and confusion

Start Off Right

Avoid common problems by teaching how to have a well behaved dog to being with.

End Problem Behaviors

Eliminate the stress and chaos without sacrificing your relationship

Grow Your Bond

Do more with your dog and be ready to go on the next great adventure

Customized Plan

Tailor training to fit your personal needs and goals

24/7 Support

Never feel overwhelmed or lost in training again. 

Session Recordings

Refer back to your lessons to clarify and improve every day

Access to Online Courses

Real time training and advice. Anywhere, anytime!

Eliminate Confusion

Save time in training by avoiding wasteful techniques and strategies

Take Back Control

Everyone deserves freedom with their dog and its a team effort

Build Your Confidence

Know what to do and when to fix any problem you have

Learn to Train Anything

Learn my process to teach any dog - anything the first time!


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