Founder of Matador Canine Brilliance LLC, Host of the Acknowledge Dog’s Podcast, author of the Dog Training Cheat Codes, and trainer to over 12,000 families, Michael Accetta has learned how to transform and teach owners and their dogs in the fastest way possible. Streamlining training and working with clients all over the world to better their relationships and eliminate problem behaviors.

“I teach and train families and handlers that are committed to changing their life through positive training techniques and scientific methods of training. I have trained dogs and their owners in agility, aggression control, behavior modification, canine good citizen prep, service dog training, as well as therapeutic dog training.”


-Michael J. Accetta
By looking at both ends of the leash and focusing on what each side needs in order to succeed, Michael has accelerated training and cut down on the learning curve. 


Everyone deserves freedom with their dog and many people fall short because they aren’t looking at the whole picture… dog training is a team effort.

Dog Training Starts with You


Discussed in his book Dog Training Stars with You, Michael Accetta focuses on your ability to be a strong leader and takes responsibility for your dog’s training. By disciplining yourself first your dog will follow suit and learn faster and retain information longer because training is clearer for them. 


Michael has created a system for anyone in the world to grow their own skills regardless of their obstacles or limitations and have the freedom to do whatever they want to with their dog. To have the freedom that he enjoys with his own dogs. Everyone can transform their life starting HERE!
Trained and transformed dogs and their owners around the world through virtual coaching and training
Electric, sought-after speaker on training techniques theory and behavior problem solutions. His speeches have been heard by thousands all over the world.
As a father to two dogs, one son, and a cat, Michael knows what it takes to juggle everything on your plate and still succeed in training
Author of two bestselling books The Dog Training Cheat Codes and Dog Training Starts with You
Creator of Matador University, the premier online training platform to give accessible training to hundreds of owners looking for the best training
As a “cross-over” trainer and a decade of experience, Michael is full of skills, tips and tricks, advice, and cautionary tales for any walk of life.

“I don't want to take the risk of my dog not listening in an emergency due to my lack of training.”

- Michael J. Accetta